Year 2022: What Stars Foretell For Individuals

The year 2022 will witness major slow moving planetary movements which are responsible for most of the major events in any human life, clearly indicating that the coming year is going to be much better than the previous hard hitting years. As par traditional Vedic/Hindu astrology the slow moving planets namely Saturn, Rahu & Ketu along with Jupiter plays an important role while calculating timing of events in anyone’s life. Normally one or two of these mentioned planets changes their sign but in the calendar year 2022 all of them are changing signs indicating major transformation for majority of people.

On 12th April 2022 Rahu and ketu will change to Aries and Libra respectively followed by Jupiter transit to its own sign Pisces on 13th April. Then on 29th April 2022 the most powerful result giving planet in present times, Saturn will shift to its own sign Aquarius. It’s interesting to note that Venus the planet representing finances, beauty, love life, luxuries, arts etc will become direct on 29th January 2022 and will be in direct motion throughout the year 2022 indicating positive news on the above stated subjects for the full year.

The following are the effect of these changes on different lagnas/ascendants or rising signs in brief. {Hindi names given in bracket}

ARIES (MESHAM): – This year will bring lot of inner transformation with three malefic ruling Kendras (central houses) for most part of the year. Restlessness will grow in almost all aspects of life but Jupiter will activate the Moksha trine thereby forcing the Arians towards spiritual path. Frequent journeys to holy places are also indicated.

TAURUS (VRISHABHA): – Taurus natives will experience much relief after almost eighteen months as Rahu & Ketu will leave their central houses. Luck will remain favorable on financial and love aspects of their lives. Those planning for higher education and progeny will get success this year. The first one to two months will be little tough but rest of the year will be fantastic.

GEMINI (MITHUNA): – The struggle full period for Gemini’s running since last two and a half years is going to end in this year as Saturn moves from eighth house to ninth. The efforts made in the past will bring results and a change of residence/new house is also indicated. The journey towards in depth spirituality may start in 2022.

CANCER (KARKA): – Cancer natives may get inheritance this year, if eligible. There are chances of promotion/change of job/role at work place in the second half of the year. Those looking for right kind of match may get their love after April 2022. Negative health signals should not be overlooked by them.  

LEO (SIMHA): – Leo people are going to get their homes renovated or may purchase additional home this year. A much better understanding with life partner and office boss will make this year a wonderful one. During the second half spiritual journeys are also indicated. Leo natives should remain vigilant from back stabbing friends.

VIRGO (KANYA): – The New Year 2022 will see Virgo people increasing their friends/social circle manifold. Some bad company elements may encourage them for indulging in bad habits. On financial front take care about useless expenses. Avoid taking new loans this year as it may go out of your control. 

LIBRA (TULA): – The Libran natives will see major transformation in their lives on inner/spiritual front this year. Those looking for higher education abroad can fulfill their dreams in the year 2022. Take care about relationship disputes seriously as small fights may escalate to bigger ones in no time. On financial front the burden will be off.

SCORPIO (VRISHCHIKA): – A new chapter of life will open for Scorpio natives this year after long struggle. Shifting to new home/environment will increase their energy many times. Most of the projects taken will be completed on time and will get applauded too. Take care about completing sleep hours in your hectic schedule.

SAGITTARIUS (DHANU): – The time is to start packing now as long journeys is on the cards for Sagittarius natives in the year 2022. Love life may turn sour due to the same in the second half of the year but will get all right by the end 2022. Career will be on the right track but expenses will be very high. 

CAPRICORN (MAKARA): – One of the best year for Capricorn natives as unexpected gains from various sources will come this year. It may bring some bad things along which may disturb family peace, thus be careful while handling financial gains. Those prone to high blood pressure should be extra careful in the year 2022.

AQUARIUS (KUMBHA): – Aquarius natives will be getting new job opportunities this year as there are strong indications of both office and residence changes in the year 2022. Luck will be favorable after April and those eligible natives marriage is also on cards. The transit of Saturn over Aquarius lagna after 30 years will bring complete transformation in them.

PISCES (MEENA): – Pisces natives will be inclined to do pilgrimages this year. Financial gains from in-laws/inheritance are also possible after April 2022. Planetary positions indicate that Pisces natives will be prone to get angry over slightest provocation this year, thus be careful about the same. Those who are looking for progeny may get blessed with the same this year.

The placements and aspects of Jupiter, Saturn along with Rahu & Ketu in natal chart affect the above stated transits a lot. Also the running Vishmottri Dasha sequence may increase or decrease the good/ill effects of these transits.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors’ and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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