Yash Tuteja Is More Than An Entrepreneur, And His Work Through His NGO ‘Aashayein’ Justifies It

Entrepreneurs are not just defined by their diligent work ethics or their creativity levels but are also known for their easy-going attitude and ability to transform challenges into opportunities. Having said that, achieving extraordinarily business goals remains primarily important. Besides all these traits, giving back to society is what makes an entrepreneur a successful name. And when we talk about social works, entrepreneur Yash Tuteja has never backed down. He is the founder of an NGO named ‘Aashayein’ which was founded in 2010.

While the NGO is looking after eradicating the societal problems, Mr. Tuteja’s approach is to bring a change in the society and curb the problems like poverty, pay disparity and discrimination across different levels. With ‘Aashayein’, he has touched many people’s lives and is consistently contributing across different levels to reduce societal issues.

‘Aashayein’ is based in Chhattisgarh, but has its reach all over India. The main motive of the NGO is to educate people and make them aware of the importance of education in today’s competitive yet challenging times.

Yash Tuteja has voluntarily been a part of many donation drives across different towns and villages in Chhattisgarh. Be it medical camps, stationery donation, educating the poor and underprivileged children, ‘Aashayein’ has stood tall for all those in dire times. Not just this, amidst the deadly battle against COVID-19, the NGO extended its support to more than 1000 families by donating essentials, groceries and other day-to-day commodities.

Earlier this year when the second wave of coronavirus hit the country, ‘Aashayein’ played a crucial role in distributing PPE kits, oxygen concentrators and arranging hospital beds. And as the Omicron variant is leading to the rise of coronavirus cases in the country, ‘Aashayein’ is well-prepared to be in aid of those in need. “All we need to do is stay united in these uncertain times and strengthen humanity to set an example for the generations to come”, said Mr. Yash.

As far as his works are concerned, Yash Tuteja is managing Meenakshi Salon’s & Academy, a luxurious salon that has five outlets across Chhattisgarh. Besides this, he runs Tuteja Academy in Raipur, a coaching institute with highly-qualified staff that train CGPSC aspirants and candidates for other entrance exams.

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