“The Indian Stock Market Is Very Forgiving”: Modit Massey – India’s Leading Stock Market Coach

India’s leading Stock Market Coach, Modit Massey says that contrary to popular belief, it’s hard to lose money in the stock market. In the last 20 years, Nifty, which is the benchmark of the Indian Stock Market, has gone up by almost 18 times. It was trading at around 1000 level in the year 2001 and now, it’s at 18000.

He believes that the main reason the Indian investors struggle is because of the kind of stocks they invest in. With the stock market going up by 18 times in the last 20 years, the retail investors should not be at the losing end. However, most of them indeed are.

Since India is growing and is the fifth largest economy in the world, he strongly believes that the stock market is extremely promising for the investors in India. “The Indian stock market is very ‘Forgiving’,” he says. “Even if one had invested money at the peak of the bull market in 2008 which was the wrong time to invest, one would have still made money, had one invested for a long term in good quality stocks.

The Nifty at the peak of 2008 was around 6300. Now it is at an astonishing 17500 levels. It has gone up by almost 3 times since 2008. And a lot of stocks have multiplied many times over during this period.

Modit has a unique style of blending cash market and future & options market. This enables him to get optimum returns and generate a regular monthly income from the stock market.

This is exactly what Modit teaches his community of over 8000+ investors & traders. He helps them chalk out a path for creating wealth by building a portfolio of top quality companies. He also coaches them on how to combine the equity market along with the Future and Options market to generate a regular monthly income. Helping them to live a life of freedom through strategic and sound investments is his motto for his community members.

Over the course of his career, he has trained over 50,000 people in 4 different countries for over a decade. Prior to becoming a stock market coach, Modit used to work with IBM. He started exploring the stock market on the side. After going through his own bitter experience, he realized that one needs to learn and gain knowledge before investing any amount in the stock market. This set him on a learning journey.

Over the last decade, Modit has trained in some of the biggest brands in India like ICICI, National Stock Exchange and several reputed colleges. He started the Freedom Investors Hub in August 2019 to train individuals to help them invest intelligently in the stock market and achieve a stable monthly income through it.

Whether you are a rookie or an experienced investor, Modit’s courses will help you grow to the next level. He covers it all from equity investment to F&O investments to building your portfolio to mutual funds. He simplifies the technical analysis and also teaches hedging that allows portfolio protection.

His teaching techniques have been highly appreciated for being simple to understand and implement and extremely insightful. He takes students on a journey from understanding the fundamentals to learning advanced trading techniques. He also helps his community get into the right money mindset which enables them to attract wealth into their lives.

Commenting on the current market conditions, Modit Massey said, “Indian Stock Market has done exceedingly well since it made a low in March 2020. Market has risen by more than 130% since then. It’ll be prudent for the new investors to go easy on investment for now. Markets like in the past will keep giving wonderful opportunities to invest. It’s better to wait now”

His formula to success in the stock market is to keep it simple. There are four things that you need to do to build generational wealth in the stock market.

One, invest in a staggered manner

Two, invest for the long term at least 4-5 years

Thirdly, invest in good quality companies

Finally follow A.B.S. – Avoid Being Stupid. Be conservative and avoid the risk which can put a big dent in your portfolio.

Indian investors looking to earn a consistent income from the stock market, can connect with Modit at [email protected] and follow him on https://www.instagram.com/modit/

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