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Why can’t tablets and intake of supplements be fun? That’s where the idea for Power Gummies came about. Power Gummies is one of the first companies in India to undertake clinical trials in the supplement category. Divij Bajaj, CEO and Founder, Power Gummies explains: “Each and every composition that we do is built on theoretical deep-dive studies, wherein there are a lot of research institutes involved.”

These clinical trials have shown that Power Gummies hair and nails supplement are the best in Asia in terms of results, reportedly providing 65 per cent hair fall reduction and 22 per cent hair growth acceleration in 90 days of consumption. This is just one example of the composition science building, followed by clinical trials to prove the efficacy of the product.

Gum Theory: Divij broke into the nutraceutical scene in 2018 with Power Gummies, a tasty chewable hair vitamin supplement. Power Gummies became among the top selling products on Amazon as per its official website.

But why gummies? And why get into this competitive space? Bajaj explains: “Most diets cannot provide the human body with all the necessary vitamins in the correct proportion as required. This is especially true in the Indian diet where food is generally overcooked, and nutrition is not consciously observed.” Many supplements, especially ones for pain relief come with side effects that can also be harmful with long term use. And not to forget a fact that many have trouble swallowing tablets, an issue that is addressed by pharmaceuticals when manufacturing medicine for children, but not for adults. “This is the gap that Power Gummies was looking to fill. Not for children but for adults, making health a priority, without making it burden. Power Gummies aims to creating a more positive and even fun experience around health. Gummies are easier to swallow and taste better, making them popular across the globe and also available in India,” adds Bajaj.

He says unlike traditional products, Power Gummies are vitamin-packed supplements and are not messy, invasive or complicated. “Instead our Power Gummies are chewable, tasty, and effective and just like happiness, they work from inside your body,” says Bajaj.

Power Gummies supplements are cruelty free, sugar free, vegan and come clinically tested. Currently available in three variants—Gorgeous Hair and Nails Vitamin, Beachbody, weight management vitamins and That Time of The Month, vitamins for those who menstruate.

Supplement Market: Bajaj believes that the Coronavirus pandemic played a major role in creating awareness of the supplement market. Prior to this creating awareness on the importance of supplements, bringing focus to nutrition and the gaps in the Indian diet was a challenge, especially for new players in the industry. Consumer education required a lot of attention and investment, which is no longer the case. Bajaj says, “Covid has made people appreciate and understand the role played by nutraceutical in one’s immunity. Consumer mindset has completely shifted and people are enthusiastic to learn more about the various options out there.

Bajaj is out there with his Power Gummies with the motto: ‘Let’s make medication pleasurable!’ Let’s wish the team more power!   

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