Should Senior Citizens Get A Term Insurance Policy?

Just like health insurance for senior citizens is vital, term insurance also holds a huge significance. A term insurance policy is valid for a specific period and provides financial security to your family in case you die during the coverage period.

When it comes to the importance of term insurance, one can easily enlist a long record of advantages. Yet, the top benefit of a term insurance policy includes life coverage. Herein, the policyholder is offered sufficient coverage during the period of the policy.

Extending comprehensive protection, term insurance and health insurance for senior citizens are ideally designed to offer a financial shield to your loved ones. After all, who wouldn’t stay rest assured knowing that their parents, children, spouse, or loved ones are being taken great care of?

Senior Citizens and the Importance of Term Insurance
Lack of planning at the sunset age can often lead to financial complications. However, better late than never! Today, senior citizens can opt for the most popular form of life insurance, i.e., a term insurance policy even at the age of 60. Until a few years ago, not all insurance providers were ready to deliver policies to individuals hitting 60.

Similar to life insurance, health insurance for senior citizens was also something unheard of. Yet, with time, it is significant to witness insurance companies offering term insurance plans for the elderly who possess considerable funds to pay for the scheme.

Ageing is inevitable and nobody knows what comes next. Hence, it is important to buy term insurance so that you are not dependent on anyone. On the other hand, you can be assured that your loved ones can still sustain a comfortable lifestyle even when you are no longer around. This sums up why term insurance is crucial for senior citizens.

Should senior citizens get a term insurance policy?
Below are a few instances wherein a senior citizen must opt for a term insurance plan.

1. A Senior Citizen who is Working Post Retirement:
In case you are not planning to retire at 60, make sure you get term insurance considering your financial liabilities. This term insurance plan will act as a cushion for your family and prevent them from being financially vulnerable.

2. A Senior Citizen who has Dependents:
Term insurance is crucial when you have people who are financially dependent on you. Owing to various circumstances you may have your spouse, siblings or other family members dependent on you. It may also happen that by the time you reach 60, your kids might still be financially dependent on you. In such scenarios, if the breadwinner/senior citizen passes away, with term insurance the family would be funded enough monetarily to meet their expenses.

3. A Senior Citizen who wants their Spouse to be Self-reliant:
There may be circumstances where you might not have provision for a family pension or a health insurance plan. Under such cases, when your spouse is financially dependent on you, term insurance policies do wonders. If you have not purchased health insurance for senior citizens for your partner, the term insurance payout can be used in meeting hefty healthcare and medical bills, funeral expenses, etc.

4. A Senior Citizen who has Liabilities and Debts:
Nobody would want to leave debts and liabilities for their children in the form of inheritance. If an individual passes away during the loan repayment period, the entire burden falls on their spouse/ children. However, when you purchase term insurance, the payout can be used to pay off your debts, liabilities, mortgages, etc. The family can use this fund to pay off all the pending debts peacefully.

Things to Be Kept in Mind
While buying a term insurance policy for a senior citizen can be a good idea, here are a few things that should be kept in mind.

● Just like in health insurance for senior citizens, the premium for term insurance also tends to increase with age. A senior citizen needs to pay a higher premium, nevertheless, the advantages outweigh the premium.

● Look for the best senior citizen plans in the market. Although the maximum age for buying a plan is 60, it varies from plan to plan.

● Some insurers may ask you to undergo several medical tests as a part of the policy approval process.

● Ensure conducting an online comparison among different policies. Thanks to several websites online, finding the most suitable option for term insurance well as health insurance for senior citizens has become easy.

It may come as a surprise to many that just like health insurance for senior citizens, term insurance for senior citizens is also available. Thanks to the growing variety and advantages of insurance policies, people above 60 can also enjoy good deals. Term insurance policies for seniors can assist you in making sure that your family members are appropriately looked after, even when you’re not around.

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