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Pune: Scores of anti-Covid beneficiaries are still scrambling for their overdue second doses with CoWIN somehow showing them fully vaccinated.

Though these beneficiaries had received only the first shots, their user accounts on CoWIN showed them as fully vaccinated. As a result, they could not get the second dose of the vaccine despite crossing the due date.

“There is a scramble for second doses after the emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid. Hence, we wish to take our second shots as soon as possible. But somehow, my family and I are being shown as fully vaccinated on CoWIN with the final certificates in our names. I received my first dose in July, and could not get the second shot in the interim due to personal reasons,” Delhi resident Vishes Kumar, whose second shot has been delayed by over one month now, told TOI.

Pune-based CA Anand Kankariya said one of his employees from UP now has a five-month gap between two Covishield shots as per updates on CoWin. “Another worker from UP, whose second jab was due in the last week of November, received a message on November 24 from CoWIN that his second jab was successfully completed. But in reality, he still has not got his second jab,” he said.

A senior official with CoWIN portal told TOI, “A lot of times, vaccinators do not make real-time entry on CoWIN after vaccinating beneficiaries. They make a manual note of the beneficiaries’ names and cellphone numbers and feed in the data later. This can sometimes cause errors.”

The official said another scenario when such an instance could occur was in case where a beneficiary did not possess a cellphone number.

He said the affected beneficiaries might log into their accounts, resort to the “raise an issue” option on CoWIN and select “Report unknown member registered with my CoWIN account”. He said, “Then follow the entailed steps, which will revoke the existing second dose certificate generated in one’s name. S/he can then re-register for the second dose,” he said.

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