Nippon Paint Aims To Reach 10,000 Garage Painters With Its Initiative

Nippon Paint India has aims to reach over 10,000 garage painters across the country through a unique nationwide initiative ‘Rangon Ke Badshah’. This 8-month long initiative which is the first-of-its-kind for car painters in the Indian automotive market, will culminate on 14th January 2023. 

Besides rewards, recognition and loyalty benefits, shortlisted painters will also be provided with skill training by Nippon Paint through its international trainers. The company will also provide personal accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh to thousands of painters.

Shae Toh Hock, Senior Vice President, Nipsea Group and Managing Director, Nippon Paint India said “It would be fair to say that the painter community has played an integral part in our growth in India. They have appreciated our products and our bond with the painter community is sacred. So, it is my pleasure to launch ‘Rangon Ke Badshah’ which is the search for India’s top car painters. This is a very good program that will not only reward the painters for buying our products but also recognize their skill, talent and buying behavior. We believe that painters form a major part of our ecosystem, and it is important for us to reach out to them and work towards their betterment.”

Hitesh Shah, Vice President at Nippon Paint India said, “Despite the significant rise in demand for automotive paints in the aftermarket due to rebounding economy, the financial condition of Indian garage painters hasn’t really improved. Through our initiative Rangon Ke Badshah, we wish to touch the lives of over 10,000 painters and help in uplifting them both socially as well as financially besides enhancing their skills and capabilities. We are blessed with the support of our painter community, and we would love the encourage the talent and potential of the painters who will be participating in this Rangon Ke Badshah contest.”

The entries for the Rangon Ke Badshah contest are now open and painters across India who wish to participate in this competition can easily register themselves by downloading the Sher E Nippon app from the Google Play Store. These are exciting times for garage painters and as per Nippon Paint, there is a lot more that is in store for their painter friends.

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