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After staying in five figures for 230 days, India’s daily Covid-19 case count dropped below the 10,000 mark on Monday. The country had last reported under 10,000 daily cases on June 8. Deaths from the pandemic also dipped to 117, the lowest single-day toll reported since May 15 last year. India recorded 9,110 new cases on Monday, a sharp drop from 13,266 cases on the previous day, partly on account of lower testing on Sunday and partly because of the continuing recession of the pandemic in the country.

This was the lowest daily case count since 8,723 cases were recorded on June 3, as per TOI’s data based on state government figures. The day’s death toll was the lowest in 255 days and comes amid a steady fall in fatalities related to the virus. India had recorded 131 deaths on Sunday while last week’s cumulative toll had registered a 16.4% decline from the week before.

Nearly all states and UTs reported a fall in cases on Monday as testing fell to 5.7 lakh on Sunday, down 2.1 lakh from the previous day. Meanwhile, Kerala was the only major state to record a week-on-week increase in cases. The state logged 42,430 fresh cases last week, a spike of 15.6% from the previous seven days. This was the highest seven-day case count recorded in the state in 11 weeks.

Only two other UTs reported a marginal rise in cases last week, Puducherry which reported 26 more cases than the previous week and Lakshadweep which reported its first cases of the virus (57 in all). The sharpest weekly fall in infections was registered in Maharashtra, which reported 3,298 less cases than the previous week. However, at 18,347, the state’s case count remained the second highest in the country after Kerala. Other states where weekly cases fell sharply were Bengal (a drop of 1,732 from the previous week), Chhattisgarh (-1,145), Uttar Pradesh (-1,040) and Madhya Pradesh (-902). Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh reported 56 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, the lowest single-day tally in over eight months since May 23.

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