IIT-Madras To Launch Master’s Programme On EV

The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M), on Monday announced it would launch a Master’s Program on Electric Vehicles (EV) and that it would be an inter-disciplinary dual degree (IDDD). 

It would boost the students’ engagement with e-Mobility and be offered for its BTech and dual degree students. This program would enhance the research capabilities in this field, a press release from the premier technical institute said.

Students are expected to enrol in this programme from January during their third year of BTech and dual degree programs. The initial intake is expected to be 25 students. Highlighting the unique aspects of this program, Prof T Asokan, Head, Department of Engineering Design, IIT-Madras, said, ”The course will be the result of nearly eight departments collaborating to induct the skills required for a student to engineer Electric Vehicles.” ”The content offered is carefully curated to build sufficient depth in each domain, starting from vehicle basics and going to very specific EV aggregates including batteries and motors,” he added.


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