How Can CCTV Cameras Help You Be Safe

Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure—at home, at workplace, or while travelling. In a hugely populated country like India, where the concept of community policing is still at a nascent stage, the primary responsibility of safeguarding oneself against any crime begins at home.  

While decorating one’s home is certainly more attractive, ensuring security measures alongside is an imperative. And while installing deadbolts, burglar alarms, video doorbells, having a well-lit landscape, and so forth, go a long way to secure your home, CCTV cameras are your eyes to notice what goes on around you—even when you are not there. 

In fact, a recent study reflects that the global CCTV camera market1 could reach $16 billion by 2029 due to growing awareness and need for security. 

A Preferred Solution for Video Security  

The CCTV camera solution is found to be one of the most effective home security solutions that works as both a deterrent and as evidence in solving a crime. Further, insurance companies are increasingly looking at these security solutions as a source of valuable information while settling theft or damage-to-property claims. 

The pandemic has induced general anxiety and concern among people for finding new ways to keep their families and property safe—whether one is confined at home due to the lockdown and/or wants to keep a close check on the family or pets while travelling. In fact, there is increasing demand for DIY security solutions that can be easily installed by oneself without having to resort to help from professionals.  

Further, as several shops are reopening for reduced hours or are completely shut due to the ongoing crisis, small business owners are concerned about their inventories lying in warehouses or stores. CCTV solutions are effective in such situations to keep an eye on the property and flag any vandalism, theft, or movement of miscreants around the property. 

Smart Home Security Solutions  

The emergence of innovative technologies has led to consequent exponential rise in demand for smart and connected devices. Security camera systems too have taken on a new avatar, to the latest wireless versions that do not require a video or network cable and use a wireless network instead to transfer audio and video signals to the receiver, be it a desktop or mobile. Further, these wireless security camera systems can be paired to the cloud for recording  

Latest CCTV security solutions are being increasingly used for indoor as well as outdoor deployment, ranging from baby monitoring, two-way audio communication, to keep a tab on house help, etc., in addition to being used for security purposes. 

The video security industry is witnessing major innovation with CCTV cameras being fitted with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled capabilities and advanced thermal imaging techniques that can detect unnatural movements and send notifications on consumers’ smart devices. AI technologies bring enhanced face recognition, object detection, and event recognition capabilities.  

Increasingly, these new-age solutions are becoming an important element for smart home automation that can be activated and accessed through a simple mobile app or connected with smart devices like Alexa or Google home. 

Role Played by Storage Technologies in This Field 

Data is at the heart of modern video security solutions. In fact, real-time video is imperative to be able to use the solutions effectively. To collect and use this video, there is a dire need for reliable, scalable, customized data storage solutions that can help store and analyse the raw footage.  

Today, service providers are offering a variety of storage solutions for different kinds of smart video systems. You will need a hard drive specialised for surveillance to deploy a multi camera solution either at home or office, such as WD Purple internal HDDs. The digital video recorder (DVR), or a network video recorder (NVR) that houses the storage will need to support the right capacity to so that the recording can be retained for a desired period  

It is important that the consumers opt for a particular video security system storage solution based on their individual needs, keeping factors like data privacy, security, theft, speed, durability, and portability in mind.  

Standalone wireless cameras are also gaining in popularity due to its ease of use and deployment. These cameras offer a provision to add storage using specialised microSD cards meant for 24 * 7 video recording like WD Purple microSD cards.    

CCTVs are the Future of Home Security 

Nowadays, home video security solutions are increasingly becoming an integral part of smart homes with facial and voice recognitions, language integrations, and much more. With AI becoming pervasive, customers need to select the type of video security that would best suit their requirements as well as storage solutions to safeguard oneself and one’s own. 

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