Govt To Revise Electronics Manufacturing Target To Rs 24 Lakh Crore By 2025-2026

Govt To Revise Electronics Manufacturing Target To Rs 24 Lakh Crore By 2025-2026

Union Minister of Electronics & Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Friday said target of the Modi-led government is to increase electronics manufacturing capability to Rs 24 Lakh crore by 2025-26, which will also help create over 10 lakh jobs.

Addressing student at an event in Bengaluru, the Minister said the country is today at an inflection point – the most exciting period in its history and the present generation of students were ‘the luckiest generation’ in Independent India’s history

After the address, the Minister had an interactive session with students in which he answered their queries ranging from skilling, R&D and innovation ecosystem, entrepreneurship opportunities & recent meeting with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’.

Replying to a query, Chandrasekhar said, “At least 15 lakh young Indians from Karnataka will be given training in industry relevant Future Ready skills.” He cited examples of the opening of India offices of companies like Salesforce, Truecaller and Renesas, to highlight how opportunities are abundantly available and the skilling will help to equip young Indians to take on these opportunities.”

On a query about the SVB crisis and Indian government’s role to mitigate the woes of the startups, the Minister said, “The Indian banking system is much more resilient and stronger in comparison to any other country’s banking system. The startups should therefore opt for Indian banks as their preferred banking partners.”

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