CorePeelers Ropes In Ballard Pritchett As International CEO

CorePeelers, a multi-national enterprise announces Ballard Pritchett as their new International CEO.  Pritchett has a rich consulting experience of more than 30 years in growing the value of business enterprises.

With his extensive experience in Healthcare Sector, Pittchett will lead the client’s organizational health audit practice in Corepeelers International.

A master facilitator, executive, entrepreneur, author, consultant and mentor, he has created numerous breakthrough leadership development programs and guided many organizations through strategic and cultural challenges.

On welcoming Ballard Pritchett to his new role, Usha Mathur, Head, HR Operations Corepeelers India, said, “We are thrilled to have a leader like Ballard Pritchett in the Corepeelers family.  He brings with him deep domain expertise of over 3 decades and we also believe strongly in the universal wisdom and partner with various people and institutions who can help the organizations/clients come out of their miseries post-pandemic. His appointment is aptly timed, and we are confident that he will bring a valuable, holistic perspective to drive this new vertical while staying true to our vision and core beliefs. He will also help enterprises to get the business processes working effectively because process execution is where organizations actually create value and compete”

Further Satya Pal Gangwar, Director & Group CTO, Corepeelers India,  informed that with our SMB client partners, CorePeelers International nurtures and focuses on different verticals to peel back the layers, to understand and strengthen what energizes the enterprise, and to connect it with all the appetites and needs of its relevant market environment through the many activities involved.

Ballard, with his wealth of experience, has taken the lead on growing the value of business enterprises. His focus is on customer market opportunities and the core purpose of the organization. With over 30 entrepreneurial ventures under his belt, he has worked in all aspects of early-stage companies,” informed Mr. Achal Sharma (AC), Co-Founder & Chief Contributor, Corepeelers India.

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