Bluei Launches Compact 10,000mAh ‘THUNDER’ Power Bank

Bluei has announced its 10000 mAh Polymer Battery- Bluei THUNDER Powerbank. The combination of quick charging and high battery capacity with compact looks makes it an ideal choice for those who spend a lot of time traveling and often run out of battery.

Bluei Thunder has dual input ports- Type C and Micro USB and has two USB output ports. This gives the power bank the flexibility to work with a wide range of devices like androids, tablets, cameras, headphones and type C-enabled devices too. Built keeping practicality in mind, a smooth power button is provided to simplify its usage and led indicators to keep you informed about the battery status.

Bluei Thunder power bank with 10000 mAh capacity claimed to offer an impressive conversion rate of upto 90%, which makes it a great power source for your gadgets. A 5000 mAh phone can be charged around 2-3 times in a single row at its full capacity. This power bank automatically adjusts its output according to the connected devices. It has more than 300 charges/discharge cycles so that you effortlessly stay connected to your contacts and the world of entertainment for a longer period of time.

On the launch of Bluei Thunder Power Bank, Akhilesh Chopra Sales Director at Bluei said, “It is a high-quality and long-lasting power bank with high reliability and a failure rate less than 1%. Bluei power banks provide the output that is promised in specs where most other power banks available in the market don’t provide what they promise and their performance also drops rapidly with time. If at all a customer has any genuine issue with the power bank, we replace it with a new one.”
“As smartphone users are increasingly playing games, watching videos and surfing the internet even while travelling, sufficient power supply has become a demanding factor making power banks indispensable and handy storage devices” 
he added.

Bluei Thunder power bank is compact in size & light in weight as lithium polymer battery is used in its design. Its outer body is made using strong ABS plastic material and it is wrapped in a smooth finish to create a scratch-resistant profile. The company also giving charging cable with a power bank.

For safe operation, Bluei Thunder is equipped with Intelligent Integrated Circuit which has over 7 layers of protection to safeguard from hazards like short circuits, overcharging, overvoltage protection and many more. Like all other brands we also proudly say “Made in India”. This product comes in Black colour and available at Bluei online stores across India.

The retail price of the product is 1850 INR and comes with 1 year replacement warranty.

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